This is W5PMS The Pearl River County Amateur Radio Club located in Pearl River County, Mississippi.
We invite all amateur operators or any one wishing to become an amateur radio operator to join us.

It is a great feeling being able to help fellow citizens in an emergency.
Helping our neighbors from ( Pearl River County, Stone County, Lamar County, Hancock County, Washington Parish, and Saint Tammany Parish ) or any where else we can.
There is great fun in this hobby.

We hope you easily find what you are looking for or perhaps find additional interesting things you were not looking for.
You can contact Roger Aubert (601-795-4425) if you have any questions.

The W5PMS repeater is located in Poplarville, Mississippi.
It operates on 145.210 MHz with a negative offset of -600 and a tone of 136.5.
See Pictures of our Repeater site

We want to be known as a friendly and caring group of amateur radio operators that are just having fun with our hobby.

We would enjoy having you join us in this fascinating hobby.  Hopefully this site will show you what the hobby and our group is about.


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